Moving to L.A. from Denver in January 2016 was a huge step for me. I’d been in Colorado since 1995. I met my now ex-husband in Colorado in 2005, got married, had children, etc.  Well… that marriage failed. So, I find myself in the dating scene – AGAIN.

Dating as a middle-aged woman in this social media driven society after being with the same man for a decade proved to be something difficult. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. In my younger days, men talked to ME, they approached ME, they pursued ME. Men don’t do that anymore.

How did I overcome this? I reached out to some of my single friends and asked them how they meet people. They turned me on to internet dating.

Oh, internet dating… I never thought I’d subject myself to doing this. I always thought that I’d have no problem dating. I’m decent looking, I’m adventurous, and I can hold a pretty intellectual conversation. But, behold, here I was!

This blog is a comedic twist of my misadventures of dating in a new city. There will be much laughter, a little bit of sex, and possibly some tears. Some stories you will relate to, some you will think are too crazy to make up. Not all stories stem from Internet dating, some of these men I met organically – face to face.

Feel free to send in your stories to be featured, ask me questions, even comment. But never, I repeat, NEVER, complain to me about what I write!