As I mentioned before, friends suggested online dating. I had no idea where to start.

Let me mention that I work in the beauty industry. I started asking the girls at the retailers I visit how they meet guys. They suggested Tinder. I had always thought that Tinder was a place for hook-ups. They assured me that it was no longer a “hook-up” site.

I went home that evening and signed up. I don’t know if you’ve ever made an online profile but it is the weirdest thing to have to do. In 500 characters or less, you must write a short bio in order to make yourself sound appealing to others. 500 CHARACTERS! I don’t know about you but I am SO much more than just 500 characters. But, I somehow managed to get it in there. On top of that, you must also attach 1-6 photos that make you look appealing to others. This was the easy part as I’m a selfie wizard.

Ok. Tinder account is set up.

Now the potential suitors start coming out the woodworks. There are all sorts of men on Tinder – from unemployed models/actors to CEOs of large corporations. And they all want the same thing: to hook up. Some of them aren’t shy about letting you know this is what they want too. Those guys are easy to weed out. It’s the guys who play the “nice guy” card that you must watch out for… Stay tuned for stories of my encounters with the “nice guys”.