Let’s be honest, Keith was a bore. 

But the Aussie? He was fun. Toby is from Austrailia (if calling him ‘the Aussie’ didn’t give it away). He’s 39 years old, divorced with a teenage daughter whom he shares 50% custody. I don’t usually date guys with kids but since she’s a teenager we’ll go ahead and make an exception. After all, he has a decent job and lives in Woodland Hills. Ha ha. Toby messaged me on Tinder with a very gentlemanly approach. We go back and forth with your typical internet small talk that doesn’t include ‘what’s your name’, ‘send me a nude’ and ‘wanna fuck’. He asks for my number and we continue texting for a few days before he asks me out for drinks the upcoming weekend. I agree and we meet at my neighborhood bar. Toby is very tall, 6’6″. I like taller men. He has salt and pepper-ish hair, slender dad-bod going on and a huge smile. He stands up with arms wide open and gives me a big hug. It surprised me. I’m not much for touchy feely when I first meet someone so I know I stiffened up. It didn’t deter him though. We sit and order a couple of beers and appetizers. We begin chatting. His accent is sexy. His laugh is infectious. We drink and bullshit with one another for 3 hours in that bar. This guy is charming and funny. He has a sadistic sarcastic sense of humor. I like it. He’s able to keep up with my sarcastic ass.

It’s late. I have to work the next morning. We decide to call it an evening. He walks me to the car. He grabs me close and kisses me. It’s a very passionate kiss. I reciprocate. This man has me extremely turned on. His hands have now wandered to my ass. He’s aggressive. But not so much that it feels like he’s violating me. I could make out with him all night long! Ok. Dammit. If I continue this I’m going to fuck him! I can’t continue this. 

I pull away. I tell him (at least I try to tell him amidst him kissing me between words) thank you for the amazing conversation. He tries to pull me closer. I kiss him one last time. ‘Thank you, we’ll talk soon’. I get in my car and head home. 

I’m not sure why I decided to have a full on make out session with him on the first date but it was definitely worth it. And I’m proud of myself for not having fucked him. 

I receive a text from him as soon as I pull up to my house. He said,

“I hope you made it home safely. I want to see you again. What are you doing next weekend?”

Awww… How sweet? Very good. THIS is how you let a woman know you’re interested. I had family coming into town the following weekend. No date night. Sorry. But, not to worry, this guy had that covered. He asked if I was free Wednesday evening. I tell him I’ll get back to him and let him know. 

Goodnight, Toby. 

Should I have slept with him? Threw caution to the wind and said ‘FUCK IT’? While I’m not opposed to sleeping with someone on the first date, it’s just not something that has been practiced often. AND, tonight I was trying to use self control. I didn’t want a slightly alcohol induced first date sloppy awkward sex session with this guy. Not yet at least…