Apparently, organic connections in LA aren’t any different than online… So, back to online. 

This time I try Bumble as it is also suggested by co-workers. I’m told Bumble has better quality of men. Well, let’s see… 

Nope not really. 

Fuckboy, fuckboy, fuckboy. Oh, hello! And hello to you. Nope. Fuckboy. 

Ok. Bumble has better looking men for sure and with better credentials. But they still have their fair share of fuckboys. I still receive messages of “how do you like your pussy eaten” to “I love your lips, I bet you suck good cock”. I think I just have to come to terms with the fact that those dipshits are everywhere. 

I have a few potentials with whom I engage in conversations with. If they can’t hold an intellectual conversation without bringing up the way I look more than once, I end the messaging. I must have forgotten that I am in control here. I don’t have to continue to talk to someone that isn’t being respectful. I can easily block them. 

Being the one in the driver seat, I decide I’m going to check out a few different routes while heading to my final destination. I start conversing with a few men from this app. Conversations are good so far. They’re being respectful and trying to charm me. It’s refreshing. 

There’s Amir in Santa Monica. 

There’s Allen from Woodland Hills. 

There’s Charles who’s in college. (We’ll get to him later.)

Amir took first dibs.