Since the age of 23, I’ve always brought in the new year with family. I’ve convinced myself that it’s the perfect way to end one year and begin the next. This year the whole family went to a family friend’s house for a 60th birthday party. It was wonderful to spend it with good people, good energy, sharing laughs and smiles. 
My dates this year included my three children, my father and my ex-husband. Our relationship is something I plan to write a little more about this year because I feel it is a huge reason why my expectations with dating are so high. 

The children all hang out with one another and observe how the adults act. I watch them watch us. This is why I don’t get drunk in front of my children. I am their mother. They should always look at me with loving and respectful eyes. If they saw me drunk they may lose respect for me as I can be just a little bit wild when there’s an abundance of alcohol in my system. 

Most of the adults are drinking and telling old stories of the birthday boy. Many of them are taking shots and being extremely loud. But, hey, it’s a party! 

It’s now 11:59 and 10 seconds to midnight. We are counting down… HAPPY NEW YEAR! We toast it in with a glass of champagne. My ex-husband and I give a BIG hug to one another and laugh at it being 11 NYE’s we’ve brought in together and release from the hug. No kiss. It’s complicated. There are still feelings between us and kissing would just fuck up the friendship we’ve worked so hard to build. Not to mention, how much it would fuck up the kids if we got back together (but that’s a whole other post). 

As we welcome in this new year, please remember to live for the day. Write your own book and don’t be afraid to share your story. While I’m hoping this year holds more pussy farts than broken hearts, I cannot wait to indulge you in all my misadventures…

Cheers to a fulfilling and prosperous 2017!