I don’t remember dating being this difficult. Ten years ago it was much simpler. Here’s two scenarios ten years apart:

Bar Scene 2007

With my girlfriends at the bar. Good music is playing. Look over and there is an attractive man. We make eye contact, we smile at one another and he walks over to me. We find somewhere to sit and have a conversation. He buys me a few drinks. We dance. At end of night he asks for my number. The next day he CALLS. Not text, but calls! We talk on the phone and he asks me out. HE picks me up, comes to the door and we go out to a place he decides on. 

Bar Scene 2017

With my girlfriends at the bar. Good beats and horrible lyrics are playing over speakers loudly. Look over and there is an attractive man. We make eye contact and smile at one another. He waits until we are in the same area before he starts speaking to me. We speak for approximately twenty minutes. We part ways. He NEVER asks for my number. We never speak again. 

Not that I’m really trying to find my love connection at a bar but I think you know where I’m going with this. I mean, how in the hell does anyone get into a relationship anymore? Are they all hookups that just evolve into daily hookups that evolve into cohabitants? I’m so confused. I’ve turned off any online profiles I have to see if anyone knows how to approach a woman anymore. They don’t. Men are no longer polite gentlemen and women are no longer ladies. But, is social media to blame for this? 

We have Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, online dating apps, and whatever other bullshit apps there are. On these apps, women post half naked, thirsty pictures of themselves. They pretend to be deep thinkers with random quotes they got off the Internet attached to their selfies. We have no idea what anyone looks like anymore because they either have too much contouring and highlighting, Botox, fat injected into them, or fucking filters. And the men? Omg. They’re all soft now! They post just as many filtered selfies as adolescents and females. They’re snapchatting themselves with their boys singing and dancing to one another. They don’t even see any females around them because they’re so self involved. It’s a joke. 

This may just be a rant from observations at a bar recently. But, I’m curious if anyone else feels that social media has hindered and/or changed the way we date?