I know I owe you guys a part II to the Broken Hearts and Broken Noses post but I needed to take a break from writing it as it’s still very emotional for me. Please accept my apologies for the delay… 

That being said, I think it’s time for new surroundings… Currently, I’m sitting in a small cafe in the middle of the glam and glitz of what we call “Disneyland for Adults”. You got it, I’m in hot ass Las Vegas. While Las Vegas has its fair share of fun and excitement, it’s never been a place that I’ve ever found myself really caring to revisit. Still, here I sit and write. 

I’ve decided to help out in this territory while our other Sales & Education Executive is on leave of absence. I offered to help because I feel like I needed a change of scenery. I wanted to be around something busy and alive. A place that truly never sleeps! 

I, myself am included in that. Since the ripe age of 21, I’ve never been able to sleep much while in Vegas – partying or not. I love being able to walk the strip at 1am and people watch. There’s so many things going on around me. So many conversations, so many hookups, so much laughter… and this is just outside. Walk into the casinos and there’s so much more – the ringing of slot machines, the screams of success, the whores whispering in old men’s ears. It’s all so amusing to me. 

As I head into this next venture of mine, I’ll try to get better about writing. Work has been a little insane but I know I owe you the second part of Broken Hearts and Broken Noses and I will deliver…

Thanks for investing in my blog.