Now, I consider myself a progressive woman with some old school southern roots. But one thing I never do is hit on a man. I’ll flirt, I’ll give the eyes and whatnot to let them know I’m interested. But in no way will I ask a man out! Or so I thought… 

I was going to miss my flight. The TSA line was ridiculously long and there was no sense of urgency whatsoever. Finally, I get through TSA and rush to my gate. There’s a man and a woman in front of me. I don’t see anyone boarding and thought I missed it. I ask the gentleman in front of me if we missed the flight. He says he’s unsure as he just arrived. He then proceeds to asks the customer service agent and she explains the flight has been delayed two hours. 

Now, this man has had ear to ear smile the entire time he’s been talking to me. Hes either drunk, interested or slightly mentally challenged. (Haha.) He doesn’t smell like alcohol (surprisingly). He’s handsome. Tall, tanned skin, dark brown eyes and a smile that any dentist would approve of. 

As the woman informs of the delay, I smile back at him and said “guess it’s time to eat”. I probably sounded like a fat girl. Oh well, fuck it. I walk away and head to a charging station as my phone had a low battery. I charge for about 30 minutes and decide if I see him again I’m going to ask him if he wants to eat with me. 

I’m walking towards the restaurant and see him. He looks at me and smiles. I approach him and ask if he’s hungry and wants to grab something to eat. He seems taken back at first but quickly smiles and says yes. Immediately, I feel like we’ve been friends for years. We sit, laugh, joke, talk shit. It’s like old buddies hanging out. We’re having such a good time we almost lose track of time and have to rush to the gate. We make it just in time. He’s sitting a few rows behind me and begins to text me. We text back and forth until they announce to put phone on airplane mode. 

I’m slightly smitten… we land at LAX. We end up sitting on the plane for two more hours waiting for either a gate to open or LAX buses to pick us up. During those two hours we text the entire time. We finally part ways as we get off the plane. 

He was sweet. I’m not sure what will come of it. Perhaps just a friendship. Perhaps something more. It was nice to meet a man organically and not via the internet. It was odd of me to be so forward too. I found myself pleased that I went outside of my comfort zone. I don’t see that happening often but I’m glad that I went for it. 

Southern values were out the door that evening… we’ll see if he ends up on a future post.