It’s always been a running joke that every woman is just a six-pack away from being a lesbian. I think that as women we find the beauty in other women at all times. What the “six-pack” does is lower our inhibitions. That’s why when we’re drunk we sometimes make out with our female friends and sexualize one another. That being said, most of us have had a “Girl Crush” at some point in our lives. Especially now with social media making it a thing (#WCW), more and more women are open to talk about it. We see it everywhere. But there are different levels to Girl Crushes. Don’t get them confused as not all are an invitation for oral pleasures. 😉

Let’s try to break this down…

Girl Crush

This could be someone you admire, someone you think is pretty but definitely not someone you think about fucking. Innocently, you’re attracted to them.


You want the world (or at least your followers) to know who this person is and why you find them noteworthy. Usually, this person is of some sort of celebrity status so there’s no chance of you fucking them even if you wanted to.

Friendly Frolicker

This is the friend you think is hot! She gets attention from all the guys and after you’ve had a few you just want to make out with her. You don’t necessarily want to fuck her but you find her beauty and presence mesmerizing.

I’d Turn for You

You find yourself uncontrollably lusting after this woman. You fantasize about fucking her (or vice versa). You’d consider not fucking men anymore just to have her. It’s the craziest thing too because you love dick. I believe this is where science (pheromones) take precedence.

Maybe these are all just personal experiences and levels of girl crushes I’ve had… but I’m pretty positive every woman on some level has had a girl crush.

Who was yours? What level did she fall under? How did you handle it?