Dear Joy,

I can’t imagine the pain you’re feeling right now. It has to be difficult to have lived the last 2+ years in my shadow. I’m not even sure why you stayed. You knew his heart, his seed, his last name, and his loyalty was and will always be mine. Even today. Even after all the bullshit.

I write this open letter to you on MY blog because I know you’ve visited here a multitude of times, you’ve screenshot my entries, and you’ve shared them with anyone that’ll give you the time of day. For that, THANK YOU. Thank you for taking time out of your life to peek into mine. Thank you for sharing my memoirs. Thank you for making me a part of your life. Thank you for making this SO easy for me!

I do not hold any ill will towards you. Not for sleeping with my husband while we were still married. Not for talking shit about me every single chance you had. Not for trying to get me fired. Not for disliking me. Not for being the hater that you are. To me, you are (and always will be) a non motherfuckin factor. You’ve never been a threat. Still aren’t. The reason being, I’ve never bothered to give a shit. I knew you were a poor attempt of a replacement. And you knew it too.

Life always has a funny way of working shit out itself. Because I didn’t bother to fester any negative feelings towards you, I brought zero negative energy my way. I want you to sit and think about that long and hard… Think about the way you’ve been behaving. Think about how much insecurity you have because of my existence. And now I want you to think about anything I’ve honestly ever done to you to create those insecurities. Nothing. Nada. I’ve remained classy in this whole situation. Shaking my head at the way you’ve handled everything. I feel embarrassed for you. No woman, especially not an adult woman, should ever act the way you have. I hope you eventually find yourself humbled.

As of right now, I can only hope that you’ll move on with your life and leave my name out of your mouth. We are both grown ups. Seeing how good you are at snooping into my life, I’m sure you can figure out a way to contact me should you have anything further to discuss.

Kindest regards,

Broken Hearts and Pussy Farts 💔😽💨